Secret Room in Holy Village Leader’s House

Target: Torch on right house

Pre-quest:  None

Reward: 2X Exp Potion, 5 Ship Vouchers, Space Agreement

Game Plan: Enter the Leader house in Holy Village, we can see unlighted torch on right of the house. When we move near it, the housekeeper will say something he go walk outside XD now our chance to solve the mystery. Click on the unlighted torch and secret door will appear. What you wait for go enter fast xd..

Now, inside here we need (more…)

Calamity of Shizune | Large eagle catch Shizune

Target: Outside 3rd floor Maka Cave (X: 1364, Y: 5354)

Pre-quest:  Calamity of the kitten

Condition: Sam and Shizune must in team

Reward: Sam add +3 Amity and Shizune add +5 Amity

Game Plan: Walk to Maka Cave at South island, keep walk until third floor. Then walk to right until see cliff, follow the map guide below. Walk and bring Shizune and Sam to cliff mountain (X: 1364, Y: 5354), here the story scene will automatic begin. Here we need to battle with one large eagle level 120, it easy to kill and you can use stone wall skill for protect, this bad eagle is (more…)

How to get Shizune in Wonderland Online | Calamity of the kitten

Target: Outside Kyoto (X: 482, Y: 715)

Pre-quest:  Find the thief base | How to get Sam in Wonderland Online (Sam must in team)

Reward: Shizune join your team

Game Plan: Refers the map below, walk slowly outside Kyoto until reach the circle on map. When about to get near statue, suddenly we see wolfs try to chase the small kitten into the cave. Faster 😀 save the kitten before it get bite hehe.. Follow it and enter the cave. Walk inside the cave until we see the kitten again. Refer this map below.  Click on the wolf to start battle. Quest here little bit hard, the wolves use magic attack and little bit seal skill, their speed is more than (more…)

Find the thief base | How to get Sam in Wonderland Online

Target: Thief base in Pine Forest

Pre-quest: Captive Wolf in Holy Village WLO

Reward: Space Agreement, Holy EXP Potion 2x, 20 Bullion, Sam join in team

Game Plan: After talk guard at second floor Holy Village Leader house, we need to find the thief base. Bring the Bloody Armlet and start walk to Pine Forest, follow the map below until you see the thief base. Enter their secret door, continue walk until end. In here we can see all thief treasure. Click on treasure to begin the (more…)

Captive Wolf in Holy Village WLO

Target: Behind Weapon Shop Building (X: 482, Y: 715)

Pre-quest: None

Reward: Bloody Armlet and +300 EXP





Game Plan: In Holy Village, walk and go behind the Weapon Shop building (X: 482, Y: 715). Here we can see a captive wolf try to escape. Click on wolf to free it. We so curious about the armlet so walk and bring it, to ask the guard at second floor Holy Village Leader house.

Quest Derived: Find the thief base


Maybe this will come out for Version 6.0 Special edition

When we read Official Site for Wonderland Online we can read in news section for what to expect in this coming patch! If you all notice “ 7. New designer furniture – now’s the time to add gleam to your home! ” Not sure it is.. :$ Maybe and I hope this item will come in our Hot Killin 😀 Tumbler Toys and Lovely Octopus hehehehe…. it’s so cute … maybe all of us should get ready many materials to build it.  (more…)

Big Eye Monster | Wonderland Online Monster

Target : Big-Eye Monster in Inca (X: 822, Y: 3535)

Pre-quest: None

Reward: Pet Return Scroll

Game Plan: Outside the Inca village, we can see in player small map…. o.o there is five different shapes of monsters draw on ground. These unique shapes on map mean, monsters that spawn or appear on this area are same like the shape 😀 like chameleon and vulture. What to do is…… walk to the Big Eye Monster shape on map (X: 822, Y: 3535). Click on big eye monster, it will ask you not to tell anyone about it. Then you will (more…)

Wonderland Online Guide on Cursed Palace | Tips to do CP event easy in WLO

In wonderland online we have this event called Cursed Palace, in short term we like to call it CP. Some say it is like instance 😀 long instance to finish XD while others say it is a Wonderland Online Quest. Yeah… it is like quest and instance which is make me feel so enjoy and fun while doing it. 😀 CP in WLO games was inspired by the 12 constellations. That why CP are consisting by 12 palaces and each palace guard by different powerful guardians. After done for 12 palaces it moves to final palace, Large Hall. Here in Large Hall, all fighters combine and form a team with Athena and her guardian Pegasus, Draco, Cygnus, and Andromeda Fighter. We need to defeat them to complete Wonderland Online Cursed Palace.

Wonderland Online Cursed Palace start from 1:00pm Sunday to 1:00am Monday  EDT (GMT-4)(You need Registration Voucher = 2 pcs). If you want to do the quest every day, then it will cost 1 star. In my place it start at Monday 1am until 1pm. 😀 So me always do it before I go sleep hehehe… ^^Here I like to share about how enemy or monster battle guide, so you can get (more…)

Wonderland Online Event | Catch Dinosaur in Oysla

Wonderland Online GMs are doing some research about the dinosaur DNA, so today we have a nice event in Oysla Island, all players who join it are required to catch dinosaur based on what GM-Lala needed and each dinosaur GM will pay 50k 😀 Yiii Pieee.

Event time on Sagitta is 11:00pm – 11:30pm, July 5th EDT (GMT-4) Server 1. In my country it start 11am 6 July hehehe…. Many players come early 30 minute before the event begins. Haha.. Surprise today event 😀 GM came so early too… Nice Gm 😀 From what I see 😀 many players come 5 minute before event begin. Many player cause little bit lag and dinosaur also keep spawn to attack you feel so annoying 😀 but (more…)

How to Burst human pet Victoria | How to set WLO E-Remote

I cannot sleep this time, I don’t know why. Maybe I drink too much coffee hehe… 😀 Ok… Like I said before in my previous post about Victoria, she is nice human pet and easy to train. Now I am going to share with you how to train her fast with burst. Human pet Victoria got 2 skills which is attack and assist skills, so her assist can be used in burst. First, we need to any type of armlet as long as it adds SP+ and used it in Victoria. Example Cotton Scroll (DEF: +75, MaxSp: +400). Second, getting knows your team, how many fire, water, rebirth or none rebirth. In my case I use all rebirth and 3 fires and 1 water with the Victoria. Find place which (more…)

Jobs Skills | How to get JS in Wonderland Online

Here is another battle skill in Wonderland Online called Job Skill. Always in server one we can see some player shout at world channel like B> JS for 1m or help JS blab la la la…. 😀 Wow they are so rich to buy it for million… million… gold 😀 JS quest little bit hard because it got 2 parts which is continuing after you done first part. During second part, if our internet connection error causes you offline, then need to start again from beginning. Sad right hahaha…. 😀

In order to get Jobs Skill, player condition in wonderland must be already Rebirth as Fighter or Mages and choose class. This is because you will obtain skill based on what class you choose during you Rebirth. (Fighter = Killer,Warrior,Knight, or Mages = Wit,Priest, Seer)


Here is the list of Jobs Skill for Fighter Class (more…)

Question and Answer

Target : Spring House in China (X: 1482, Y: 835)

Pre-quest: None

Game Plan: Walk inside the first house in China Fishing Village, here we can see Waiter and Mystic Old Man. If we like to buy food we can click on Waiter. Now get near the NPC Mystic Old Man and click on him. He will start open question and you need to answer correctly.


Here is the answer for the question: (more…)

Who’s the better hunter?

Target : Outside China (X: 4182, Y: 4435)

Pre-quest: None

Game Plan: Walk outside China Fishing Village, then walk inside forest to (X: 4182, Y: 4435) Here we can see Hunter NPC. Click on him, he will challenge you in shooting game. This game look easy but sometimes hard to win if we nervous during the game :D. Click fast to kill monster.

Reward: One star

Note: (more…)

Houyi Incident

Target : Outside China (X: 562, Y: 635)

Pre-quest: None

Game Plan: Walk outside China Fishing Village, then walk inside forest to the third portal on right map and enter inside it. (X: 684, Y: 1850) Here in China Forest we can see NPC Houyi. Click on him, he will start move to meet sun. Click on sun and join him inside battle. After first battle done, he will move again to the next (more…)