Beautiful Immortal Fox

Target : Civilian House in China (X: 562, Y: 635)

Pre-quest: None

Game Plan: Walk inside house, the quest scene automatic start. We can see cute fox run out house. Click on granny NPC and help her find the fox. Walk outside house and go to right corner under the tree (X: 942, Y:295) We can see cute fox here. Click on it and battle will begin. Fox level 100 with the HP 10500. Easy battle 😀 no worry. The cute fox is actually Fox Fairy which loves with the granny son. Hihihi when it done battle, return back to the house and click again Granny. 😀

Reward: One star and White Fox Fur


Break the Code | Wonderland Online Event

Again GM Lala late for event haha.. but it’s ok. Today event called break the code. It sounds like TV show at AXN Break the Magician Code lol…. Rule for event, no spam and need to be top 5. Nice event held at Starter beach, everyone no need to walk so far :D. Oh yah XD how to break the code.. It is like this… clue “It is fruit. The code papel” so u need to be first type at local channel “apple”. The event was so fun only like 4-5 round and me so weak to spell fast 😀 so I just win one round XD and get 20k. Player name Kiryuu keep win all round 8D.

After done event, almost everyone gone from starter beach including GM-Lala but suddenly Lala (more…)

Marine Exploration

Target : Zheng He NPC. (on Zhenghe Fleet )

Pre-quest: Master Sanbao, where are you?

Game Plan: Click on Zheng He NPC he will talk about sailing then suddenly many pirates come. His guards run away. We will join Zheng He in battle to fight pirate. It easy battle no spawn just 3 enemies. Next, go down deck or enter tent to begin new scene.


Now on deck Zheng He gone, only left 2 Chinese guards sleeping, click on them. Go down deck and enter the first room and click Chinese guard. Suddenly a mystic girl enter the room 😀 and she accuse you for (more…)

Dragon Boat Special

In real world, Dragon Boat Special also known as Duanwu Festival, Double Fifth, Go goeh cheh or Go jit choeh. The festival is based on Chinese lunar calendar which occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month. This traditional celebration also includes eating rice dumpling zongzi, drink wine xionghuangjiu and racing dragon boats.


In Wonderland Online Game, I so happy that we also have Dragon Boat Special event 😀 yay… From June 12 a.m. until June 26 a.m. We will get Festival Dumpling by defeat monster level 10+ I can’t wait to collect many dumplings and open for surprise gift hehe…. Golden dumpling can be purchase from Item Mall.

Game Card Machine

What will you do if you get many many many…. fun token? 😀  Me, I like to spend my 4 tokens playing game card machine, hunting for Strong Scroll 😀 Here is the way, which I can increase my chance to win SS. Every time I play, I take my screenshot what come out and I keep as my reference for the next time I play again hehe.. Now in my site I will post it to share and hopefully you will win too in game card machine. Now get your fun token, run to carnie and play 😀 Why must we go and play in carnie? My friends said it is good feng shui to play at carnie hahaha…. I don’t know too maybe it’s true XD. Game card always cheat us, now our time to cheat the game card machine back. 😛


Preview some Upcoming Version 6.0++

I don’t know, when new patch in Wonderland Online will come but everyone already busy leveling their own Victoria pet 😀 and Sam. Yeah two of this pet really cool and very easy to train. Hehe.. I want 😀 victoria rebirth. Well here I like to post some photo hopefully it will be in our wonderland fast 8D.

New Shape Clay design


Children’s Day Great Giveaway

I never know got event of Children day 😀 haha.. I am so noob, well lucky I can participate in this event. When i read at official site, GM will be on starter beach dropping Gold Voucher with the total of 3 million, EXP Copper Cards, Bamboo Fly, Transformer Pack and more. Eeee… so nice My character at starter beach when I wake up online, I see so many player at the beach 😀 Keep asking to my friend what event it is haha 😀 but when GM start to drop, don’t care what event it is, just try grab as much I can, so poor me only manage to get 10 piece of 1k Gold Voucher and 2 EXP Copper Card.

Here is some screen during the event, maybe you (more…)

Wind Fight

I exciting and prepare my wind to join this event Wind PK. Unfortunately I wake up late and cannot join and register to battle 🙁 bad bad bad me late wake up. I can only watch them battle haha 😀 what to do… Well during PK I see many nice wind and pet join the event. Some those players both spawn and GM makes it rematch again haha… In the end of event GM turn on PK, shhh.. because she not let me join event, I will PK her tap tap tap… GM fly away hehe… 😀 Sorry GM 😛


Dragon Soul Skills | How to get DS in Wonderland Online

Reward: DS Skill, 15% capsule, Weapon (Wand or Sword) EXP potion 4X

I see announcement from official site about wind fight. Then I feel like want to get DS for my wind so he can be strong in wind fight event. 😀 So here how we can get DS hope this guide will help you little bit in doing this quest for your character. Dragon Soul skill is for everyone character including STR and INT type but it very good for STR type. How to describe DS skill 😀 ahh… the word Chinese skill because when we attack by this skill Chinese word will come out 😀

In order to do this quest we need to walk from China Fishing Village to Chang’an Village and (more…)

Earth Fight

After water fight, now come with earth fight. The event held at Welling Village Server 1 near bond fire. Location and rule all are same from the previous battle of water. Now GM Lala follows the event time, she comes early before the event begins not like before. 😀 I do not know about other people feel or thinking but this time I feel like GM so strict and serious. 😀 Maybe many player spamming at local channel that why become serious hehe..  😀

Earth fight activities so nice, players can join and test how their earths build. 😀 I not manage to capture many battle fight feel so lag that time. After event done, someone request for drop gold but GM said not dropping gold because (more…)

Korean Hot spring

Let us visit Korean Hot Spring after tired doing Goddess Skill battle. 😀 From waterfall Korea walk to right map until you see second cave (X: 2542, Y: 255). Here we need to walk through Korean maze. Here the monster not so high level 50-60.

Hot springs in Wonderland Online not just help you heal but each hot spring you enter will add bonus +10 HP and +10 SP for character. 😀 Nice right…

Walks follow this guide map you can (more…)