EXP Potion

You can obtain free 1.5x Holy EXP Potion at Korea, just walk to right from Inchon gate (X: 3362, Y: 1915) and click the chest.


Holy EXP Potion used to multiply your EXP that you gain from battle. Not works if you using assist skill to train. Can be used for character at any level.


Target: Man NPC with white shirt stand near jetty or place where you about to travel

Pre-quest: None

Game Plan: Sailor is NPC, which can help you travel everywhere, place in world map Wonderland Online. You need to pay them with Ship Voucher, can be obtain free from quest or pay from Item Mall stuff. Need to be level 10+ if not, you cannot see Sailor NPC.

Note: You can (more…)

Save the Villager Unbelievers | Jalor Design

Target: Inside church in Holly Village

Pre-quest: None

Game Plan: Enter the church building and automatically the story will begin. The priest (Abba) hopes you can save them by telling the Cellar key at Holly Village leader house. Walk along southern bridge you can see village leader house (X: 922, Y: 1355). Go up second floor and click Holy Village leader to get key, but he still refuse to tell.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Do not worry when you about to walk out from house, the (more…)

Fish Food | How to get Fishing Skill in Wonderland Online

Target: Turque person who are fishing at jetty Holly Village (X: 3262, Y: 335)

Pre-quest: None

Game Plan: Click on Turque, he will ask you to catch Pink Earthworm and teach you fishing skill. Walk back to Kama Cave the one cave between Kelan Village and Welling Village. Go at (X: 2802, Y: 1255) or walk everywhere, we can see Pink Earthworm. Catch it and return to Holy Village. Click on Turque again and choose (more…)