Mystery Girl Niss

Niss is human pet with her memory has been sealed for so long. In this game when we start meet her, she speak strange language but later on when we already do many quest for Niss, she will remember back what happen, it will be so adventure to getting know who is Niss in real.

Target: A Cliff on the east coast of North Island (more…)

The Initial Trial

This is the first quest that needs us to battle with big monster. In this quest, we will get help by a nice girl name Roca. She is a great friend and can be a strong human pet. She has high strong physical attacks, which can help us explore this game smoothly. Her father is a Kelan Village leader the one that talk to you for this quest.

Start: Kelan Village’s Leader House

Pre-Quest: None


Unknown Fate

This is the first quest we all must do before continue playing this game. In this quest, we will get our own house or tent and Notepad.  Tent gives us privacy room, to stay rest not attack by monster, manufacturing or opening big shop. Starter new tent are empty, we only have two items, which is work platform and resource recycling.

Target: Astrologian House at Kelan Village

Pre-quest: None

Game Plan: Walk to Kelan Village and click Mary Lou near gate to talk with her. Next, she will ask us to visit the Astrologian home and speak with her.


Wonderland Online Story

Before we start play this game at least we know little bit about the game history. XD Why this important? When people ask you or we try to bring many real friends to play with us, at least we know how to start and tell them how this game story so exciting. 😛 Ok ok..

Wonderland online is MMORPG video game (what is MMORPG = Massively multiplayer online role playing game) developed by Taiwanese studio Chinese Gamer International (That why character so cute anime. :P) around like May 16, 2006. Next, published in Japan on December 3, 2007 and follow by Thailand January 25, 2008. Finally for global IGG (what is IGG = Internet Gaming Gate) English version publish in North America is like on March 20, 2008.

The story begins on luxury cruise ship which have trip around the world. All passengers were (more…)