Journey Character to level 190 in WLO

Looks like it already New Year 2015 (happy new year 2015 xD), soon few days will be Chinese New Year 2015 ^_^ year of Goat. I forgot already, how long I have been play in Wonderland Online 😀 seem like it is  too too too……long nah.

Here is the Character at level 189 with 1% EXP (10/1/2015) with EXP capsule from 20 Rounds Challenge total EXP Capsule is 45%

WLO character max level

We can see how the limit EXP that we can get from capsule when we reach high level. Example this 20% capsule, when we use…. it can only obtain 5% EXP xD

WLO character max level

For EXP Capsule 15%, hehe… only get 3% for this level 189

WLO character max level

Let see for EXP Capsule 5%, huhu.. it is (more…)

20 Rounds Challenge Wonderland Online

20 Round Challenge WLO

Before in Wonderland Online games we only keep doing 15 Rounds Challenge, which is too easy for many player too pass it like only 19 to 28 minutes to complete all rounds. New update by IGG into WLO is by adding the 20 Rounds Challenge (20R event) which give some brutal force to player to complete it. xD (because you might feel annoying keep fly)

Here I like to share some idea or opinion how player can complete this 20R event (from 16 to 20), it very tough but believe it you can do it xD.


First prepare your character with speed 950+ (1K++ spd better) this allow you to move first in battle (some say (900+ enough xD (more…)

Material Type Mystic Eagle Headdress and Chaos Hammer

What Material Type Mystic Eagle Headdress and Chaos Hammer ???

In Wonderland Online update from 15 round to 20 Rounds challenge. We can get many reward as capsule and big magical eggs and together with the nice equipment Mystic Eagle Headdress or Chaos Hammer.

Here I wonder what type of material this two equipment because it got high rank 45 maybe suitable to do compound.

Hahaha… I take many week to success passed the 20 Round Challenger to get many same equipment to test this. Ok here we go….


Mystic Eagle Headdre material type…

Mystic Eagle Headdre Wlo

Jeng….jeng…jeng… xD (more…)

Mermaid in Wonderland

Target: Nielide on the east coast of North Island (X: 4502, Y: 4095) wlo mermaid wonderland online

Pre-quest: None

Reward: 1 Psychic’s Dagger


Game Plan: Walk or run xD to the beach outside Welling Village. Then you can see Mermaid named Nielide (X: 4502, Y: 4095). Click on her to begin the quest. She need you to find special shell for her. Don’t waste time 😀 spawn to Starter Beach. Outside SB u can walk to the top map and find shell. Take it and bring to (more…)

Assassin came from Makai | Eva death quest – Maybe not xD

eva quest assassin makaiTarget: Lost Jun Lake

Pre-quest: The Dark Sword Eva Wonderland Online | Sword of darkness awakening

Reward: 2% EXP Capsule


Game Plan:

In this quest Eva required to have 70+ amity. Level not sure ^_^ I think level 1 also can as long as the amity 70+


Now.. you fly to Domremy, you can use UFO if u lazy xD … Then the Lost Jun area. Walk to the top of left portal and enter it. Now you can see lake and walk towards it. Remove any equipment on Eva because she will temporary leave your team. Battle will begin, I think 900+ speed can move 1st.

Tips in battle 😀 yeah u can start with (more…)

New expansion in Wonderland Online

Yay… now WLO release the new patch called WLO Power Expansion 6.1

We can now start download the patch and run it in the end of this October ^_^ wahh… I feel so excited too with the patch hhihihih… Hope we can do many new quest and compound many new equipment.

Well here based on the WLO official site news at

New Quest:
Athena’s First Dip
Bring along Venus or Athena to Roman Bathhouse and speak to Villager (X:995, Y:204) to accept the quest.
Reward: +30 Amity with Athena (Venus)


New Item:
Surprise Treasure Box. Open to reveal all kinds of wonderful items! (more…)

Another long weeks of double EXP event IGG in Wonderland Online

This week again Wonderland Online having long weeks of Double EXP for Golden Autumn event. The event duration is from Oct 13th until Nov 2nd 2014. Yay now is time for me to continue again to train my human pet ^_^ and some alt character to boost up my pet ride level.

Here is my noob xD Sam and Victoria at the moment T_T hope I got enough EXP Pot to make them grow hahaha… Mahabrahahahaha…. Also so stingy to give pot exp

wlo sam petwlo vicky victoria pet

Clash of Gangs

Last-last week xD IGG (I Got Games) launch another mobile phone app games called Clash of Gangs which is pretty similar with Clash of the Champion. It still in beta at the moment, from the mail promote by IGG so I give a try download and playing this games.


First I follow the tutorial xD construct building, boss home, and train soldier. Wah.. it look fun during attack others home, we can send soldier and boss at any direction of the enemy town yeah… The graphic look nice too 😀 What I like is the boss are so many characteristic and skill xD they looks dangerous but cute hahaha… cute because it (more…)

Eh…? WLO file is suspected as virus o_0

avast antivirus iconI have been using Avast antivirus for my personal computer for the long time. Like always it got nice system to scan and updating for virus definition. Yesterday, I am not sure why, after virus definition updated 😀 it detect Wonderland Online game file (aLogin.exe) as a virus Win32:Evo-gen [Susp].

When Avast detect file as virus suspicious, it will automatically delete your file and put inside Virus Chest. This make your file cannot be open anymore from the desktop shortcut item.

If you are using same antivirus protection like me. Well don’t worry … don’t mad ….keep calm xD and don’t redownload the game again… because it will take long time to wait 😀 lol. What we should do? First, open the Avast Virus Chest. Right click the aLogin.exe file in virus chest list. Then, click “Restore and add to exclusions”.

yay… Now we can play the game.

wonderland virus lol

Longest Double EXP in Wonderland Online


This month WLO Team made a longest Double EXP to all server because of many technical problem and server maintenance which always happen. Now all player can train like crazy 😀 for long double EXP event from July 23, 2014 until August 13, 2014. Maybe it is the best time to burst new fire character use cuss burst or maybe train pet. Me….. i train my Sam, Fred and Victoria 😀 haha… hope they will grow big xD Beside this 21 days double exp.. WLO make great discount on Item Mall stuff. Most all the stuff is are in 70% discount.

Yay.. Happy Leveling everyone 😀 dont forget to use EXP card and potion.

Summoner War : Sky Arena

summoer war guide tips cheat

There are interesting android mobile game that launched early this May 2014 called Summoner War : Sky Arena. It got limited amount of energy but quite similar to Wonderland Online game battle 😀 xD

Inside this game, you will build your own Summoner Tower which is like a castle and you need to defend it with your own team. Step by step, you need to build your own team. One team are total of 4 monsters in group.

Monster can be divided into 4 categories, which is attack, support, defense and tanker. Each monster also have different type of elements like Water, Fire, Wind, Light and Dark.

Water > Fire > Wind > Water

Light and Dark are neutral against the other elements




Players are provided with (more…)

Music Download Wonderland

music-wonderlandYesterday when i was about to sleep zzZZ… I lay in bed and play with my Sony smartphone 😀 I enter into Google play store and search about Wonderland. I do scroll and keep scroll down, then i see this nice app called Music Wonderland. First things that come into my mind is xD the sound from Wonderland Online hahaha…. like at the starter beach. Well, i give a try to download into my smartphone.

Hehehe… i am wrong.. nah Music Wonderland is kind of apps that help you search and download music into your phone ^_^ It interesting and easy to use because for me i don’t like apps that too much ads, pop up every sec, got many form need to register before we can use it. This Music Wonderland app just a simple app, small ads at the bottom screen and you can preview the song before start to download.

If you looking for download music apps, go to Google Play Store and search for Music Wonderland.


Cute anime MMORPG

hero of the obeliskBeside Wonderland Online games, maybe you might like to try this game called Hero of The Obelisk. I do try and see how this game works, hehe… it is funny and crazy when you read the chat between you and npc… it got nice class, equipment and also cute character inside the game. The game also got fishing system like inside WLO ^_^ but it got no house or tent system, nah… no problem for that right.  I think it’s good to play this game while waiting for WLO to bring more update the game. 😛

Here is some introduction from the site about the game, it looks interesting haha… >_< let’s together try making a character and playing Hero of the Obelisk.

Hero of the Obelisk is an immersive MMORPG that features many unique and familiar elements from the best of its genre. Set on the continent of Abate, Hero of the Obelisk combines a plethora of fun and challenging dungeons, mixed in with a Hack N’ Slash (more…)

Robot Maid in WLO | Cute maid robot in wonderland ^_^

maid robot wlo discountShould I buy Maid Robot in Wonderland ? What maid robot can do for you ? Some players might say that it just a decoration item inside your tent   >_< hahaha… okie calm down everyone. We can get Maid Robot in furniture section from Item Mall. Of course from the beginning this maid robot function is so limit, it only helps you finish some task in inside tent. Example if you making item, you can let this robot to finish it for you, while you can go out from tent doing other activity. This type of Maid Robot is not yet complete. My advice is you need to (more…)