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Firstly, I will like to apology for the error of this web Wonderland Online Hub. Before this, readers might see most of the post is missing Huhuhu… It is hard for us to update for several months due to the server hosting problem and also our data restore file to was too big and take so much time. Thank you some our fans and friends for the advice and help on how to restore the data back ^_^. Big hug… and thank you everyone for the supports.

shasa wlo wonderland online pet

Increase Character Speed in WLO

fb-eyesSpeed makes your character move fast in battle. Highest speed can give us a chance to move or attack first during in battle. How can we increase speed in Wonderland Online character? Easy XD every time your character level up, put some point on AGI section. AGI will increase speed character, more AGI you put more speed you get.

XD if you put all point character in AGI, you can be pure speed but less power in attack or defence hehehe….maybe will be (more…)

News Update for WLO

WLO athenaWonderland Online is a nice online game but their game update I think very slow hehehe ^_^ or maybe they still keep something to surprise everyone. Based on WLO official Facebook site, there is some introduction about update. We can see two new design tents which look great, the Sphinx and a Big Temple. There is also new awesome look pet called Combat and Mystic Tiger. Hope that many quest (more…)

Nazca Lines Geoglyphs in Wonderland Online

Nazca Line in WLO

Remember that when we visit Inca in Wonderland Online ^_^ we can see many shape images on the desert. In real world people call it Nazca Lines.

The Nazca Lines are the series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in Southern Peru. It is are huge geoglyphs, the largest of which are nearly 270 meters (890 ft) long, covering an area nearly 500 square kilometers (193 square miles). Due to the dry desert conditions, these lines have been preserved until now from the time they were built as much as 2,000 years ago, presumably by people of the local Nasca culture.

Do you remember, xD in Inca WLO map, at this shape here.. we can get free pet return scroll from the (more…)

Levelling during Double EXP in Wonderland Online

peace animeLike usual Wonderland Online will have Double EXP event for all players in the game server and this week is 2X for Hot Summer hehehe…. My place here don’t have other season always warm and hot huhuhu.. What you should know during double EXP event?

Ok first, about bursting character to be high level. We cannot use EXP potion to burst character or pet. It only increases your cow level and makes your EXP decrease, avoid use EXP potion during burst there is no effect or not help you gain level at all. I suggest that you all to burst during Double EXP event ^_^ hehehe… Burst in 2X time is very nice because you will be happy to see you get high EXP.

EXP potion only works when you attack monster either you use skill or normal attack. Again.. Don’t use EXP potion when burst xD 😀 The best time using EXP potion is during Double EXP event because it multiplies the EXP you get during (more…)

Fire Burst Character

burst damage wonderland online fireLevel up character in Wonderland Online taking some time and you need to be patient. Some of them might just buy burst service or some they just easily feel bored with the game. In other word all of us just want to level up fast hehehe… Well in burst concept, the highest damage you make, the higher EXP you can get. Means that we need to have high ATK+ or MATK+  in order to create high damage on monster.

One of the idea is making a pure fire STR character 😀 Firstly, you need to add 42 WIS in character to get assistant skill. You need to have assist skill called Slowdown, Poison, and Mess, so that you can burst your character using Cuss Burst with all fire element in team. Burst slowly 😀 no need to rush, it might take like (more…)

Dragon Boat Festival event in WLO

wlo special event dragon boat

Dragon Boat Festival is said to commemorate the sacrifice of Qu Yuan, a legendary Chinese poet. In Mi Lo River around 2000 years ago, he drowned himself to protest against the rulers and to stop corruption. As respect to the poet, people throw dumplings into the river to stop fish from feeding on the poet’s body as well as make noise to scare the fish away.

I always thought it is a Chinese Dumpling Festival because this time we can eat many dumpling hehehe…. xD 😀 In Chinese, dumpling also known as Zong Zi or Ba Zhang, it made of glutinous rice stuffed with (more…)

Celebrating IGG 7th Anniversary

igg anniversary 7th wloHere is some story about IGG. This June, IGG celebrates its 7th Anniversary celebrations with a summer blast!

For the past 7 years, IGG has weathered the toughest of storms with both dedication and conviction to attain many great achievements. IGG is set to shine even brighter in the year of 2013 with even more major developments currently underway.

In January 2013, IGG established a new base office in the Philippines. Together with this location, IGG’s operations now span over four countries globally, including United States, Singapore, and China. It’s a giant leap forward and an important milestone for IGG with regards to its global reach and multinational operations.

This year, the various development teams at IGG contributed immensely to the (more…)

Sealord Battle Quest in Wonderland Online – Second Part

sea lord battle for reward wonderland onlineThis quest is optional for players which mean you can choose to do it or just leave it because it won’t start until you disturb the big chest inside Sealord Warehouse 😀 xD. It is a hard quest in Wonderland but with some guide it might help you do it. In this battle, you can see three more monsters like Sealord that why you need to get ready with food like pizza and some friends to help you jump in battle.

Target: Big chest in Sealord Warehouse

Pre-quest: First part Sealord battle quest

Reward: 5% EXP Capsule, 5x Holy EXP Potion and Sea Crest (DEF: +30, Max HP: +160)

Game Plan:

Pre-quest must be done to enter Sealord Warehouse. Use the key to enter the door but if you not sure where are the place, you might refer the (more…)

Sealord Battle Quest in Wonderland Online – First Part

Wonderland Online SealordIf you reach level maybe like 130+ RB then you will questioning, where should I train my character or pet? Hmmm… I think the best place to go is Sealord Warehouse. In this place, you can train with Shark monster level 150+. It is not suitable for low level because shark bites are so strong 😀 and can cause character or pet keep dying.  Beware of shark hehehe….

To enter this place, it required you to have a door key from Sealord, and it can be done by finishing the first part of the Sealord quest. How to begin this quest? Here I will share with you, how to do the a cheat xD 😀 no no no… it is not at cheat, it is just and info guide.  If you know how…the Sealord team strategy, then you can have the confident to finish this quest 😀

Target: Relic Island

Pre-quest: none

Reward: Sealord’s key

Game Plan: Fly to Relic Island which is near Cairo or Athens. In Water Passage, walk to Seabed Palace through the first (more…)

How to play WLO Chinese version?

New Wonderland Online is release like around end of the January 2003 by the Chinese gamer. I think it is little bit different from the previous Chinese version. Those who learn Chinese word may have an advantage to read and understand how the game works. Well don’t worry, those who not understand but still…. 😀 want to try play this version, you can ask your Chinese friend to guide you for better understanding especially the quest because this post will be only show on how you can register, download, install, and make character in New Wonderland Online.

new wonderland online 2013

Firstly for easy reading you need to have browser or software called (more…)

How to Make Your Anime Chibi Character Image

chibi fur clothes wlo

Firstly, what is “Chibi” means or term? Chibi in Japan slang word means short person. It also can be a style of drawing character. 😀 If you are fans for anime and manga, you can see sometimes anime use Chibi Style in depicting scene 😀 i like it hihihi… because it look funny and cute.

Ok back to the question how to make Chibi Character image or picture, well if you are good in drawing, of course you can just simply draw 😀 hehe…  other option is using Chibi Maker version 1.1 It a simple tool, but it can create nice and cute chibi for you. It got many type of colours, faces, dress, hair, expression, accessories and more. Thank you to gen8 from deviantart.com for creating the Chibi Maker, it nice and easy to use.


Maybe you can use this tools 😀 to make your your own Wonderland Online chibi character xD

This is my (more…)

The Other Side of the Cave | High Class Devils La Tim | Revenge for Roca’s Father

Devil La Tim WLOTarget: Maka Mountain Stone Door (X: 3362, Y: 755)

Pre-quest: Roca’s father dead quest

Condition: Done pre-quest, Roca in team, have flying vehicle (airplane, hot air balloon or others)

Reward: La Tim’s Lease (ATK+50, MAXHP+350), Crystal Skull

Game Plan: After you done the pre-quest, then walk to South Island outside Maka Cave (X: 3102, Y: 455). You can refer the pic below for guide. Next, use any flying vehicle you have toward the cave on top of mountain. Click the door to enter (X: 3362, Y: 755). Finally, prepare yourself for battle with high class Devils La Tim, just walk straight inside the cave you can see La Tim, then click on (more…)