Maid Box, Pumpkin and Succubus Suit in Wonderland White Day

Yesterday during White Day event, IGG team make a big … big … BIG and special 😀 discount for all Wonderland Item Mall stuff. Hihihi… lucky that I see the announcement when I visit WLO official site weeeee…… 😀 during the event, pet fruit and the equipment are all at 75% discount. While Strong scroll and training voucher are 45% discount. Then, what makes me happy is… the furniture and groceries are all up to 60% off.

Maid Box Wonderland Online PackNah…lets shopping… 😀 hihihihi.. This time I brought Maid box and 2 new suits which are Pumpkin Suit and Succubus Suit. Many players are misunderstood about maid robot function. Let me explain little bit, basic maid robot only help player to manufacture item inside tent. When maid do the manufacture job, players can go outside tent and do the other works like leveling or collect (more…)

Space Capsule – Give more space for player inventory Wonderland Online

Space Capsule WLOLong ago I remember got one meow robot cartoon or anime from Japan called Doraemon 😀 hihihi… this small meow robot can talk and it got a small special pocket which contain many items from small to large size. Sound like a magic pocket :D…. Well in WLO, we don’t have special pocket but we do have this item called Space Capsule. Like I mention above, Space Capsule will give more space inside player inventory. How this process work? Easy…. example if you have a vehicle with the size of 5×5, by using Space Capsule it will help you to (more…)

Riding pet in Wonderland Online |How to ride pet in WLO ?

pet-ride-wloGood morning all WLO players 😀 today I going to do a short post on how player can ride their pet in Wonderland Online. Well the process is easy, don’t worry 😛 okey hihihi… First, you need to have your pet in your team. On the right bottom corner of your wlo screen, click on group button.

group button in wlo

Next, click on the pet status button, it will show you option like Rest, Battle and Ride. 😀 If you like to ride pet, choose Ride button.

status button wlo   choose ride button wlo

  • If you already choose ride, you cannot put them in fight mode during battle with monster.

Fall in Love with Chocolate in Wonderland

wonderland chocolate listValentine’s Day is just around the corner 😀 yiee pieee …. In 5th February, the igg team just release the new patch in WLO where Valentine system will be added. How this system works? The event begin from February 5th, 3 am until February 19th, 1 am EST (GMT-5). You can refer more from official site WLO.

All you need to do is collect the material by defeat or kill any type of monster level 10+ and above.  When you have enough material 😀 then you can use your Coconut Basin inside your tent to manufacture or make a variety of chocolates. Some material you that need to make a delicious chocolate in Wonderland Online >_< is like Cocoa Nib, Soft Sweet, Cantaloupe, Apple and more.

Express your feelings to your love or best friend or close friend or to anyone you admire hihihi.. 😀 with a sweet Valentine’s Day gift consisting of delicious chocolates specially made by you!

National Treasure WLO event

wonderland online staff sign upEvery Tuesday in the morning at my time Sabah, Malaysia I get ready my team to join National Treasure event. The event look easy but sometimes make players mad and cry 😀 xD hehe… to join this event NT all you need to do is to bring your character or team to Capitol Welling 4th floor and click on Sign-Up Staff because of the different time you might need to refer at official site of Wonderland Online. In this event of National Treasure, you need to enter 5 rooms and final action will be battle with ox demon head.

Each room you can see many treasure chests on floor, you need to click and open it to (more…)

Optional method to get EXP up in WLO

Wonderland Online EXP UpIn Wonderland Online, we level up our character or pet by collecting many EXP through killing monster and bursting with assist skill. Bursting is the favorite method for every players because it easy and faster to level up. However, bursting only works until you reach level 180 😀 and it also not works after your character or pet go for rebirth process.

Here is some other easy not cheat xD 😀 method which you can get 2% EXP free without killing monsters hehehe… all you need to do is build this kind of exercise machine inside your tent. It very useful for those player who already reach (more…)

Potential Pill in Wonderland Online

Potential pill WLOPotential pill it’s an item that used to increase your character or pet power. It’s kind of cheat 😀 hahaha… No 😀 actually every players in WLO can obtain potential pill from Item Mall, Quest or Event. Potential pill is not cheat 😀 it is a special item which can add all the original ability point for character or pet. In other words, One pill will add point to STR, CON, INT, WIS and AGI. The more level potential pill you get, the more original point ability will be added, and max level is +12.

lion item mall potential pill

However, proses of increasing potential pill level also follow by risk, which mean it can be fail too. 😀 Hehe… yah fail, more high level .. more risk to fail but (more…)

Baby Dolls | WLO Grabber Machine

Item Mall games baby doll wloIf you have some extra points or fun token, let’s have some fun playing Baby Dolls game in Item Mall games. This is different from Game Card Machine 😀 It cost you 45 IM points or 9 Fun tokens. We can win variety type of pet Vouchers and it also can be traded, means we can make some nice gold by selling pet voucher. 😀  How to start play? In this game, you can see 3 buttons (Left, Right and Down). Move your mouse cursor and click left or right button, it will ask you play with points or fun tokens. Then, click right or left to adjust the claw machine until you satisfy 😀 now click down button to grab the animal. Hehehe…

You can grab animal like Monkey, Lala Dog, Little Persian, Shiba Inu, Chick, Chicken, and Rhesus Monkey. All this type of animal gives you different type of pet voucher. Here is all the list of pet you can (more…)

Happy New Year 2013 to all Wonderland Online players

Yay now we are in the year of 2013, lots of nice memory from the previous year, happy, sadness, bad, nightmare and more. Forget about the bad one, lets together with a new hope and wish to make a new day of life in this year of 2013. Hihihi…. Need to learn write 2013 and not 2012 xD. Week before I always busy on Christmas holiday seasons and follow by cousin wedding event and New Year count down, I think it is not too late for me to wish all the Wonderland Online players 😀 xD Happy New Year 2013, yay~ ohh the New Pack event in WLO still going on until 8 Jan, hope you all get many packs xD 😀

Wonderland Online New Year 2013 wlo

Let’s learn little bit about Chinese Calendar 2013 or some people say Chinese Zodiac Calendar, what is Chinese Animal Years for this year of 2013? The answer is Snake, 2013 year of the Snake. When or what date of Chinese New Year 2013? It is 10-02-2013. xD don’t forget to add in your calendar 😀 it’s holiday.

Christmas in Wonderland Online | Jolly Holly Christmas

Christmas tree wonderland onlineFirstly, I like to wish Blessed Christmas to all of you 😀 thank you for support this blog and join together in Facebook fan page. I think many players now especially student are now in holiday 😀 some are busy prepare for their party Christmas, Hehe… me too.. here also so busy,  the weather are so bad xD because it keep raining not like other place that full of snow flake. 😀 How about in Wonderland Online? Yay… I like the snow flake falling from sky 😀 dot dot dot… so nice and together with the music theme is change to Jingle Bell song, weee…. so cool and fun when you walk around.

Like always, Christmas is not complete without Santa. In WLO, Santa is waiting at Welling Village. 😀 This is event where players can get Christmas Sock 2012, all need to do is find 3 type of special bell (Wish, Safety and Christmas Bell) then exchange for the sock. 😀 I feel so hard to find Christmas bell xD I don’t (more…)

Xaolan play water with Roca | Saviour mark by Star | Roca and Xaolan tattoo

Water play Roca XaolanTarget: Waterfall in front of Holy Village gate  (X: 2282, Y: 4135)

Condition: Roca and Xaolan amity are 63+

Reward: None

Game Plan: Remember the pre-quest when you getting GS (Goddess Skill), we need to walk into the waterfall and click the statue fairy. The fairy explains to us about saving the world from darkness and also mention about those who mark by star can help us in our mission. If your pet Roca and Xaolan amity is 63+ above, you can see this story 😀 🙂 Roca and Xaolan have fun and enjoy play water together.  Just walk into the waterfall, Roca and Xoalan will leave your team. When you come out again, you can see they are both in water, click on (more…)

Roca’s father death quest | Death quest for Kelan Leader

roca's father starTarget: Troll cave entrance (X: 1062, Y: 3775) North Island


The Initial Trial

–  Welling Village’s Leader Test | First Test

Reward: Add 2+ Roca Amity

Game Plan:

In this quest, you need Roca and Niss in your team. Walk from Welling village to enter the cave that guard by troll inside it. (on left not KaMa Cave) When you about to enter cave, story scene will begin here, Roca feel worry about her father and need to see him. You need to walk back to Kelan search for Roca’s father in house. (more…)

Dinner Incident | How to talk in World Channel of Wonderland Online?

radio in wonderlandTarget: Doll stand beside Cooking Pot (X: 1022, Y: 1475)

Pre-quest: None

Reward: Radio Set

Game Plan: Click villager named as Doll, who is standing next to the big cooking pot in Kelan Village. He will then ask you to retrieve Hill Peppers from NPC girl name Emilie. Find Emilie near the Kelan Cave entrance (X: 1782, Y: 735) Click on her and she will start ask a question. You must answer correctly to obtain the pepper and return back to (more…)

Heart Pieces in Big Earthen Vas Chang’ An

chang'an ocean heart piecesTarget: Jar outside Tavern Shop Chang’ an  (X: 902, Y: 1435)

Pre-quest: None

Reward: Ocean Heart Piece

Game Plan: This quest is at Chang’ An village, you need to walk from China Fishing Village to go here. The Ocean Heart Pieces is inside the big Jar outside the Tavern or wine shop. If you don’t where it shop, just remember the quest for Pet Scroll, the one you need ladder to save puppy on top roof, that is the building 😀 you will find the big jar around there and click on it.


Hidden Chest on top of Athens Opera Hall | Ocean Heart Pieces WLO

quest athens pieces heart wloTarget: Chest on Top Opera Hall, Athens (X: 1522, Y: 175)

Pre-quest: None

Reward: Ocean Heart Piece

Game Plan: To get this box, it required you to ride any kind of flying vehicle.  Start from the entrance door, you need to move little bit to right corner. (X: 1402, Y: 635) Then from here, ride a vehicle like spaceship, fly to the top of the building. Click on the chest if you see it. 😀 Just like when you do to the quest box on top of Capitol Welling.