Floating Barrel in Domremy France Wonderland Online

Heart Pieces in Domremy France wloTarget: Floating barrel at the river (X: 2202, Y: 215)

Pre-quest: None

Reward: Ocean Heart Piece

Game Plan: Search a floating barrel on the river of Domremy, France. In the quest you will need a flying vehicle to search for the floating cask/barrel. In order to save your fuel, searching for this barrel 😀 xD you can start from the Domremy bridge. On the bridge (X: 1582, Y:695), start ride your vehicle and fly to the top right corner by follow the river path. You can see barrel at (X: 2202, Y: 215) and click on it.


Secrets of the Ocean Heart | Inca Machu Picchu WLO

ocean heart pieces inca manchu pinchuTarget: Bird nest on top tree behind of Machu Picchu (X: 2182, Y: 595)

Pre-quest: None

Reward: Ocean Heart Piece

Game Plan: This quest is located at Inca Village called Machu Picchu in Wonderland Online. For this quest, you will need to have item which is ladder in your inventory. Start explores in Machu Picchu by walk to the back of the big building. Here, you will see a bird nest on tree at (X: 2182, Y: 595). Get near and click on it.


Barrel at the Sea South Island WLO

Barrel on sea ocean heart piecesTarget: Floating Barrel on Sea (X: 5462, Y: 5835)

Pre-quest: None

Reward: Ocean Heart Piece

Game Plan: In this quest it requires you to have vehicle like steamship or spaceship or anything except boat. You need to fly or sail to find this barrel on sea. The easy way to do this quest, you can start fly from Stoowa Island and fly to the bottom right corner of the map. Here you can see 1 floating barrel on sea, (X: 5462, Y: 5835) click on it. Boat as transport not enough good for the quest, it might break.



Victoria Rebirth Wonderland Online | Vicky RB WLO | How to make Pet become Strong?

How rb vicky look likeIn the new patch of Version 6.0 special edition in Wonderland Online, they add 2 new pet that can be rebirth which is Victoria (Vicky) or Sam. If you planning to rebirth one of them, you need to do some list quest from the beginning until the end of the quest which commonly known as Death Quest in WLO. Here is my pet Victoria which that rebirth on yesterday, I am delay her rebirth due to the pet stat which is not nice. Lucky I get many pet return scrolls from Pumpkin Seed 2012 and Thanks Giving event to fix my Victoria pet.  How to rebirth pet in Wonderland Online? Easy, after you done the pet death quest, you will need to revive them at Holy Village church, click on Abba then pay some amount of stars based on which pet to revive. Then, go to first cave on the jungle behind Hanging Garden. You must put which pet to rebirth on battle and meet the priest there. Click on (more…)

Is this how Angela look like after Rebirth? | Wonderland Online Angela Rebirth?

wlo angela rebirthMy friend so curious about how, Angela looks like after her rebirth, so he decides to explore inside the game folder of Wonderland Online Game. I still not sure, how Angela rebirth looks like, but this are some picture of Angela character that he send to me yesterday. She look so pretty. 😀 I like the way she have halo on top of her head, I hope that the IGG team and the original game version will keep update Wonderland Online. It is very interesting to follow and read angel story.

Here is some image of (more…)

Antruz Escape from Prison Cell WLO | Fallen Angel Advent | Archangel Micheal task of Heaven’s Trove

wonderland online 8 fallen angel antruzTarget: Gaia at Revival Island

Pre-quest: Misia Wish | Angela’s Sister Misia

Reward: 5% EXP Capsule and 15000 EXP

Game Plan: After done pre-quest, fly to Revival Island in Wonderland also known as Easter Island full of Moai. 😀 You need to be with Angela in your team. On Revival Island, you can see Gaia lay down on ground (X: 3002, Y: 755). Click on Gaia, she will start explain what happen about Antruz who escape from the prison cell and after the Heaven’s Trove.

After done talking, now fly to Inca to find Antruz which is hiding at the Tundra Forbidden Grounds. You can find this secret door at (more…)

Misia Wish | Angela meet her Sister Misia | Wonderland Online

angela sister appearTarget: Cherry Forest with Angela and Eva

Pre-quest: The Dark Sword Eva

Reward: Light Armband, 3% EXP Capsule, and Star

Game Plan: Make sure you done the pre-quest and condition is Angela and Eva is inside your team. Walk from Kyoto, Japan towards Hill Road and walk again to Cherry Forest on the left map. In this forest, Angela suddenly feels something and the chat story will begin here. (^_^) Continue walk and enter the Secret Cave in (more…)

Date of Jack and Ross on Top Kama Cave WLO

Jack and Ross Date Kama Peak heart piecesTarget: KaMa Peak

Pre-quest: Happy Xaolan Wonderland Online

Reward: Ocean Heart Piece

Game Plan: In order to do this quest, you need to do the pre-quest first. You might not see Jack and Ross if you not yet done it. After you done the pre-quest, you can simply re-login or go to KaMa Mountain path and go back to KaMa Peak. You can also enter your tent and go out back. Now click on Jack and Ross 10 times.

Niss Wand | Lucy Staff Wonderland

Niss Staff Wand WLOTarget: KaMa Peak

Pre-quest: Mystery Girl Niss

Reward: Lucy’s Staff (MATK: +25 MaxSp: +100) and Niss Amity +6

Game Plan: Bring Niss on top of Kama Peak or you also can do this quest after you get scroll for Welling Leader test. Simply continue walk straight you can see this special wand on top of the tree. Niss will use her weird language xD to request to get the wand. If you not sure where are the place, you can (more…)

Innocent Xaolan | Happy Xaolan Wonderland Online | How innocent child bring bad luck?

Xaolan happy smile questTarget: KaMa Peak

Pre-quest: Robbery Revenge

Reward: Xaolan increase 3+ amity

Game Plan: If you like to add Xaolan amity, 😀 bring her when you explore KaMa Cave, North Island. Walk to the KaMa Peak with your Xaolan, you can see flower there and click on it. Xaolan love beautiful flower and butterfly, here you can see she so happy to play around.  You can refer guide walk to go here Kama Peak. I not sure other condition for this quest, when I do this quest my Xaolan amity only 61+.I think maybe we can just (more…)

Welling Village’s Leader Test | First Test

Guar and Welling Village Leader WLOTarget: Welling Village Leader

Pre-quest: Niss in Danger

Reward: Soul Dodge (Need Pay 3 Stars)

Game Plan: After you done the pre-quest, you can start walk from Welling Village heading to Kama Cave at third floor. You can follow the guide walk map below. Here to get the scroll you need to battle with tabby cat that turn into a big tiger. The battle is easy 😀 you also can catch this tiger become your pet but the tiger is (more…)

Niss in Danger | Niss Calamity

Niss Wonderland Online tired sleepTarget: Second floor of Hotel Inn at Welling Village WLO

Pre-quest: Mystery Girl Niss

Reward: Bright Ring (MATK +2)

Game Plan: Enter the Hotel Inn at Welling Village and go up to second floor with Niss inside your team. In second floor, story will begin and you let Niss rest to sleep. Walk outside the village and enter the Welling Village Leader’s House. (In front Hotel Inn building)

In Welling Leader house, we can see Guar and Welling Leader inside there, click on the leader and he will offer you some task. You need to get scroll from Kama Cave. When you walk out from (more…)

Something Inside Pond North Island WLO

Ocean heart pieces in pondTarget: Pond Outside Kama Cave

Pre-quest: None

Reward: Ocean Heart Piece

Game Plan: Go to pond outside Kama Cave at North Island Wonderland. Use any kind of vehicle except flying type. Sail to the centre of pond and look for something that glitter or sparkle (X: 2722, Y: 1775). Click on it, if you still confuse where is Kama Cave, just remember Xaolan quest, where she tie on tree by pirate hijackers 😀 the pond is just near there. xD

Jack’s Blue Flower | Welling Village Wonderland Online | Heart Pieces

heart pieces jack ross hotel inn wellingTarget: Second floor of the Welling Village Hotel Inn

Pre-quest: None

Reward: Ocean Heart Piece

Game Plan: When we go to second floor at Hotel Inn Welling Village, we will accidently see Jack expressing his love to Ross by giving her a blue wild flower. Get blue wild flower and give to Jack by clicking on him.

You can get Blue Wild flower at near (more…)