Hidden Chest behind Holy Village Cathedral Church WLO

Target: Near underground door behind church (X: 3722, Y: 555)

Pre-quest: None

Reward: Pet Return Scroll

Condition: Must have flying vehicle

Game Plan: This chest is at behind Holy Village Cathedral Church. You can use any kind of flying vehicle in Wonderland Online, start fly upward from bellman NPC or underground door, you can see chest on (X:3722, Y:555) and click on it.

The Dark Sword Eva Wonderland Online | Sword of darkness awakening | Eva Pantie Cow Ghost

Target: Ancilla Chief at the right Thailand Jungle

Pre-quest: None

Condition: Eva in team with amity 61+ or 70+ amity

Reward:  3% EXP Capsule and Eva amity increase +5

Game Plan: Make sure your pet Eva have amity 61+, when I do the quest my Eva got amity 70+. Walk from Bangkok to enter Thailand Jungle and then enter the right jungle. On map we can see yellow question mark. Here you can meet Ancilla Chief that want to talk with Eva only, click on that NPC maid. Eva receives a cute cow panties  which is a gift from Ancilla but suddenly Eva realise it a trick, then you will start a battle with (more…)

Angels and Demons Taste | Angela and Eva Picnic

Target: First cave in Lost Jun Jungle (X: 990, Y: 587)

Pre-quest: None

Condition: Angela and Eva in team

Reward:  Angela and Eva amity increase +10 and player 8000 EXP

Game Plan: This quest is at Domremy, France in Wonderland Online. Walk to the Lost Jun Jungle from Domremy, and then walk to enter the jungle on right. On the left map, we can see two caves there, walk then enter the first one. You can follow the (more…)

How to get Angela in Wonderland Online ? | Angel’s Ordeal | Angela WLO

Target: Old Woman with Rabbit at Dead Vale, Oslya


Magic Seal Stone (Must Get Charlotte first)

Help Jade Rabbit to Grinding Medicine

Jade Rabbit need better tool to smash medicine

Reward:  Angela joins your team

Game Plan: Make sure you done all the pre-quest above before get Angela. You need to manufacture one ladder of just buy it. hehehe 😀 Sail from North Island to Oslya Island, and then walk to enter the third cave in Oslya. (X: 3828, Y: 3700) Now, walk by follow the guide map below until you reach Dead Vale. Click on the Old Woman, and then give her the Rabbit’s Mashu. After the old woman and Jade Rabbit went away, explore the Dead Vale 😀 try walk to the (more…)

Jade Rabbit need better tool to smash medicine

Target: Jade Rabbit at the Moon (X: 1262, Y: 1275)

Pre-quest: Help Jade Rabbit to Grinding Medicine

Reward: 10% EXP Capsule and Rabbit’s Mashu

Game Plan: After you done the pre-quest, you need to go back to earth. Then, went back again to the Moon with Manual Blender. Fly back where Jade Rabbit is standing (X: 1262, Y: 1275). This time cute rabbit will explain that it need better tool to smash medicine. Give the Manual Blender to rabbit. Now you can go back to earth, no more worry 😀 xD .

Item that need for this quest (more…)

Help Jade Rabbit to Grinding Medicine

Target: Jade Rabbit at the Moon (X: 1262, Y: 1275)

Pre-quest: None

Reward: 3x Holy EXP Potion

Game Plan: This quest located at the Moon space WLO, it looks easy but it required you to have vehicle Space Craft to go out space (you must pilot the vehicle) and Coconut Basin for the quest. To begin the quest, ride Space Craft, click on it and choose destination “Moon”. (Double click). When you at The Moon space, move go down then go right, you can see cute rabbit. (X: 1262, Y: 1275). Click on rabbit then give the Coconut Basin. Now you can return to earth.  😀

Item you need for the quest (more…)

How to get Eva in WLO ? | Eva the Cute Little Demon Wonderland Online

Target: Inca cave (X: 4288, Y: 4092)

Pre-quest: Magic Seal Stone (must get Charlotte first)

Reward: Eva joins your team

Game Plan: Before you get Eva, make sure you done Charlotte quest first. I mean you must get Charlotte before get Eva. Second thing, you need to get green Magic Key, to open the magic cave door. The magic key is at the main town Angkor Wat. In the previous guide getting charlotte, I did mention to get this key. In case you lost the key, you can refer the guide map below. (more…)

Charlotte Drunk after Drink a Wine at Domremy Inn France


Target: Domremy France Bar

Conditon: Charlotte in team

Reward: Charlotte Amity Increase 5+

Game Plan:  This quest is at France Wonderland Online, now walk and just enter the Inn Hotel in France. There is a small bar inside inn and then click on the wine at the right table of Hotel Owner NPC. The cute and funny Charlotte action will begin. 😀 hihi it so funny.. Charlotte thought it is juice, then she keep (more…)

Free Charlotte Armlet | Fairy Game | Bracelet for Saver

Target: Left corner of Fairy Village (X: 862, Y: 1495)

Pre-quest: Magic Seal Stone

Reward: Armlet for Charlotte

Game Plan: After get Charlotte join in team, there is one simple fairy game that you can play to obtain Charlotte armlet. Walk to left corner of your map in Fairy Village (X: 862, Y: 1495) and then click on the spirit. She will invite you to play fairy game. 😀 if you win, you can get special item for your pet Charlotte. (MaxHp: +200, SPD: +200)

How to play? 😀 Just move your mouse go left or right, avoid collect bomb xD, watch the video (more…)

How to get pet Charlotte WLO? | Magic Seal Stone | Charlotte Wonderland Online |Ma Stone

Target: Fairy Village | Alfer Village


1- Fairy Snow Island

2- Enter the Magic World

3- Canyon Fairy

Reward: Ma Stone , Charlotte joins your team

Game Plan: Charlotte is Wind type element pet, which is useful for player who have passion to train it bet become their wind pet ride. How to get Charlotte in WLO? Easy 😀 make sure you done all the pre-quest above before you do this last part. Okie…. ^_^

Part 1 (Meet Elven Elder)

After done Canyon Fairy quest, you need to (more…)

Canyon Fairy | Charlotte save you from Evil Griffin

Target: Tip of the Hilltop

Pre-quest: Enter the Magic World

Reward: 500 EXP

Game Plan: Make sure you done the pre-quest above. Now we need to walk from Angkor Wat into Angkor Aisle. Then walk to Back Jungle and enter the right cave on the map. Next, go up to the Hilltop. Here you will see beautiful view and fairy 😀 Wahhhh.. xD Click on the two fairies (Must Click) that flying around, and then walk to the (more…)

Enter the Magic World | Directing Monster fulfills her task

Target: Angkor Wat

Pre-quest: Fairy Snow Island

Reward:  None

Game Plan:

Make sure you have Directing Monster NPC in your team. Walk from Bangkok into Thailand Jungle until you reach Angkor Wat. Enter the Angkor Maze, walk straight until you reach Angkor Secret Path, you can follow the guide maps below if you feel it hard or maybe you lost in Angkor Maze hehe.. 😀 Directing Monster will leave your team when (more…)

Fairy Snow Island | Directing monster NPC Wonderland Online

Target: Snow Island

Pre-quest: None

Reward:  NPC Directing monster join in team

Game Plan: This NPC required for quest to get Charlotte, so to get Charlotte you need Directing Monster to lead you in the Magic World. First, fly to Snow Island (X: 2362, Y: 10795), make sure you have at least 1 space in team for NPC to join you. In Snow Island walk go down until 5 floor, follow the guide map below until you see fairy Statue of Goblin. Click on it, then the statue will (more…)

Wish Forest Bangkok monster Mao | Lonely monster Mao miss Xao Mo so much

Target: Guard and Villager (X: 782, Y: 1235) 

Pre-quest: None

Reward:  2.5x Holy EXP Potion and Star

Game Plan: Before start this quest it is better to save point in Bangkok because this quest required many walking part xD. Click on the guard under coconut tree, the conversation between guard and villager begin. Then you walk to wish forest to see this monster. Where is the Wish Forest in Bangkok Wonderland Online? Hehe.. you can refer guide map below. (more…)

Kikutaro dream become a model in Wonderland Online| Kikutaro Summer WLO

Target: Kikutaro at Yamataikoku (X: 962, Y: 1695)

Pre-quest: None

Reward:  5000 EXP and Star

Game Plan: In this quest you need to have transport or vehicle at least a boat, also you need to prepare gold 25k. It needs you to travel then go back again and buy some pill. First you need to find sumo Kikutaro.  He stands on left house from the gate of Yamataikoku. (X: 962, Y: 1695) Click on him to start ask what his problem. He needs your help to buy Diet Pills in (more…)