Help Saar Researcher | Holy Village Pet Return Scroll

Target: Around Holy Village Leader’s House (X: 2002, Y: 1235)

Pre-quest: None

Reward: Pet Return Scroll

Game Plan: Click on Saar, start helps him to catch 3 animals he needed for the research. Catch them by follow Saar order, one by one. Make sure you have enough pet space at least one space xD. This entire animal are at South Island, you can catch Senior Beetle (M) at tip of South Island (X: 4962, Y: 1195). Next is Rain Forest Frog, you can easily find this animal just outside Holy Village’s Gate (X: 2862, Y: 4395). Lastly, you can catch Squirrel in (more…)

Cupid Valentine Present | Cupid WLO | Cupid Wonderland Online

Target: Cupid near Holly Village fountain

Pre-quest:  None

Reward: 4.5x Holy EXP Potion

Game Plan: Cupid is near the Holy Village water fountain. You can get reward by answering Cupid question correctly. All question is about Valentine’s Day topic. I think it easy 😀 but I fail many times xD don’t laugh..hehe :D. Ok..Click on Cupid to start the test.

Here some tips question to make you all easy to get reward 😀


Victoria Death Quest Wonderland Online | Revenge of Charles | Zhaduo La’s Revenge WLO

Pre Quest:

  1. Beautiful Cherry Blossoms
  2. Repugnant
  3. Hawthorn Candy Memories

Condition: Victoria in team, done all pre-quest and must have King Certification

Reward: 3 Stars and 10% Capsule EXP

Game Plan:

First Part (Conversation between Charles and pirate)

In this quest we need the item called King Certification the proof to the overload Southeast of Asian bla..bla.. XD in case yours scroll gone, you can click again the NPC Chinese Guard (X: 1202, Y: 1235) in China Fishing Village.

Walk in Fishing Village Inn (X: 1422, Y: 875), here the story scene will begin. Next, you need go travel to (more…)

Sam Death Quest Wonderland Online | Last Wish | Detail Sam WLO death quest

Pre quest:

  1. Little life in Canyon
  2. Large eagle catch Shizune
  3. Calamity of the kitten (Shizune Join Team)

Condition: Sam and Shizune in team

Reward: 3 Stars and 10% Capsule EXP

Game Plan:

First part:

Fly to Bangkok, walk into the Thailand Jungle. Then, enter the next jungle on right. Refer the map below in case you lost in jungle XD 😀 😛 Here, there is a battle that (more…)

Little life in Canyon | Sound of Baby crying in Canyon | Pre-quest for Sam Death Quest

Target: Gorge (X: 1682, Y: 435)

Pre-questLarge eagle catch Shizune

Condition:  Sam needs to be 75+ amity and Shizune in team, not sure if need to add amity for Shizune xD. (When do this quest, both my pet amity Sam 75 and Shizune 79)

Reward:  Add Sam 3+ amity and Shizune 3+ amity.

Game Plan: Refer the map below. (so you will not lost in jungle xD) When you walk to target, story will begin at (X: 2962, Y: 1755). Shizune got excellent hearing, she detect sound of cry baby near that area. Click on the baby, to start battle with wolf. Here the battle look easy only 4 Wild Wolfs, each only spawn 1, wolf HP not so big too. (more…)

Burst Sam Wonderland Online | How to Setup E-Remote to burst Sam WLO

In my opinion Sam is a nice water element pet, although his appearance not looks so cool xD after rebirth but the way he add build stat look so good for me. Start from level 1 to 100 you might see how his progress that keep add STR for more attack and less WIS and INT.

Soon IGG will update our patch, hopefully Sam will be rebirth… so this evening I like to share with you on, how to burst Sam? How to set E-Remote for Sam? How to burst him with Cuss Burst? Some not might agree with how I set my electron remote, some say it waste of SP 😀 thank you for all your respond but this is the only way I can find how to set it.

Here is how, we can burst Sam with Cuss Burst. In my case, all in my team are (more…)

Cuss Burst Wonderland Online |How to train with 4 Fires?|How to train Character Fast in WLO?

There is some method that we can apply in Wonderland Online to level up character fast and get many EXP per battle, is this cheat? No lol… 😀 xD players like to call it Cuss Burst. In order to use this kind of train, you will need someone that already Rebirth as Wit and have the Job Skill as Cuss. (Picture below show what is JS Wit – Cuss) 😀

A good thing about this burst way is you don’t need to have Water Element in team, you can use all fire. Means, 3 fires are helping 1 fire (Noob one xD) to level up 😀 No need to have many Wits in team burst, just one is enough. Cuss Burst not just for fire, we can use it to train wind, water and earth.

In this post, we will using team with 4 fires so I like to mention here, the noob one fire that about to level.. must already have some assist skill at least like Slowdown, Poison Spell, and Fiery Attack. Make sure, this noob fire have speed little bit, need speed… more than cow and fire attackers so can use assist skill before they attack monster. (No need to add agi) 😀 Just let the character (more…)

Wonderland Sailing Race | Wonderland Online event

With the spirit of Olympics 2012, our GM in Wonderland held an event of Wonderland Sailing Race at North Island Sailor server 1. Here in Sagitta server, the event was on yesterday my time Friday August 9th, 11am to 11.30 am. The rule was so simple, pick item dropped by GM then start sail, trade and get reward. First, second and third win glaze ball, and the rest get 10 pizza. The rule in official site announced that we should use boat, lastly GM change is so any vehicle can be used… booo I think not nice anymore.

In that event, I won (more…)

Preview Victoria Death Quest | Victoria Wonderland Online | Vicky WLO


China Fishing Village inn (X: 1422, Y: 875)


1) Beautiful Cherry Blossoms,

2) Repugnant,

3) Hawthorn Candy Memories

Reward:  10% EXP capsule, Star

Game Plan: Walk in and out Fishing Village Inn (X: 1422, Y: 875), here the story scene will begin. In this quest we need the item, King Certification the proof to the overload Southeast of Asian bla..bla.. XD in case yours scroll gone, you can click again the NPC Chinese Guard. (X: 1202, Y: 1235). Next you need go travel to (more…)

Hawthorn Candy Memories | Memories of the Sugar Coated Haws | Victoria WLO

Target: Outside Fishing Village gate on right (X: 4282, Y: 555)


Reward:  +8000 EXP and add 10+ Victoria amity

Game Plan: For this quest you need to have 10k gold and make sure you done the pre-quest. Then walk outside Fishing Village gate, you can see old guy merchant on right (X: 4282, Y: 555). He is seller for Sweet Candied Gourds 😀 XD ….Click on that seller, Yeah… you need to buy candy for Victoria hahaha 😀 expensive candy.

Repugnant | Road See Injustice | Victoria WLO

Target: Grandmother at Great Wall Passage (X: 1662, Y: 855)

Pre-questBeautiful Cherry Blossom

Reward:  +500 EXP and add 7+ Victoria amity

Game Plan: From China fishing village, walk to Great Wall Passage. You can refer the map guide below if you not sure. When at Great Wall Passage, walk little bit forward (X: 1662 Y: 855) to get near the tree. We can see team of Dao Wu and Little Huan try to scold old lady. Click on her, Victoria will come out to defend the old lady and your team will fight Dao Wu team. This battle easy, 😀 kill the (more…)

Beautiful Cherry Blossoms | Victoria WLO quest

Target: Outside Kyoto on right gate (X: 4497, Y: 253)

Pre-quest: Must have Victoria 😀

Reward: Victoria add 8+ amity

Game Plan: This quest is for Victoria, that why we need her in team. Ok… First, you need to go Kyoto, Japan. You can use any type vehicle as long as we reach Kyoto 😀 😛 haha…easy way you can use UFO. Ok, now go outside Kyoto town, you can see on right got pink color tree, it called Cheery. Bring Victoria walk into the Cherry Blossoms area, now you can see she (more…)

Save the Little Puppy Keru | Don’t bully cute Puppy

Target: Puppy near Holly Village Church (X: 4142, Y: 1415)

Pre-quest:  None

Reward: 2 Dark Chocolates and 3 Ship Voucher

Game Plan: Near Holly Village church we can see 3 boys try to bully puppy (X: 4142, Y: 1415) click on King of Children to start conversation. He will request for 3 Custard Tart to let go the puppy. 😀 bad children hehehe… Easy way to do this quest, you can buy 3 Custard Tart from Props Keeper in Holy Village Grocery shop. Don’t (more…)

Secret Room in Holy Village Leader’s House

Target: Torch on right house

Pre-quest:  None

Reward: 2X Exp Potion, 5 Ship Vouchers, Space Agreement

Game Plan: Enter the Leader house in Holy Village, we can see unlighted torch on right of the house. When we move near it, the housekeeper will say something he go walk outside XD now our chance to solve the mystery. Click on the unlighted torch and secret door will appear. What you wait for go enter fast xd..

Now, inside here we need (more…)