pet fruit can be compoundHello everyone, after so long IGG still not add or bring more update to this WLO game uhuuuu… Looks like many will move to Wonderland Online mobile app or find other interesting game like Mobile Legends bang bangs… even though like that there is still few people are still play this game wonderland online haha… today I going to write something about pet fruit.

Pet Fruit is like a candy to be feed to pet in WLO. It will add more attribute in pet character stat and this can the pet become super pet in WLO. How to get pet fruit? Pet fruit cannot be obtain freely from the game itself neither from quest too 🙁 sad… It need to be purchase from grocery Item Mall or obtain from packs. Each candy or fruit pet can add 1 attribute to pet.

How many pet fruit can be feed to pet? What is the Max candy? The total candy for max feed pet in wonderland online is 1200 candy. The added stat will distribute randomly.

Here is the normal stat for Charlotte level 20


Here is the max feed pet fruit for Charlotte which are total 1200 for level 20 (amazing right.. xD)

Now your pet will become monster in Wonderland Online hahaha….

Each pet fruit got rank item, you can obtain other type of pet fruit by compounding it 😀

Here is all the list for pet fruit..

Angel’s Feather for Angela, item rank 8

Banana Boat for Monkey, item rank 1

Beast Pill for Arez, item rank 1

Black Tea for Joan Knight girl, item rank 7

Blessing Strawberry for Hayate, item rank 4

Braised Tilapia for Shizune, item rank 4

Cotton Candy for Shasha, item rank 4

Delicate Riceball for Kanako, item rank 6

Demon fruit for Eva, item rank 4

Elin’s Oil for Robot Elin, item rank 3

Enery Pill for Magellan, item rank 2

Fairy Bean for Qlaya, item rank 3

Fairy Honey for Charlotte, item rank 1

Great Soup for Victoria, item rank 7

Great Syrup for Niss, item rank 2


Magic Bean for Frederico, item rank 8


Mellow Wine for Louis, item rank 3


Orchid Candy for Xaolan, item rank 2

Passion Water for Venus, item rank 8

Pirate’s Wine for Clive, item rank 2


Roca Perfume for Roca, item rank 3

Wisdom Water for Athena, item rank 8

Wolf Deity Bean for Sam, item rank 5


Pet fruit can give or turn pet into strong companion in Wonderland Online but it will cost player money and it was expensive to buy many pet fruits in order to make it max to 1200 haha… but it depend on you too 😀


Happy Wonderland everyone ^_^

Pet Fruit add more attribute – Make your pet like Monster in Wonderland Online
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