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Player used to call it Pet Scroll in Wonderland Online. Pet return scroll with item rank 10 in WLO have similar function with Pet Lethe Scroll that you get from Item Mall. The different is, pet scroll are free to obtain from quest or event but cannot be traded. It used to change or reset your pet’s attribute point. In order to use pet scroll, pet must be level 20+ above.

Here is the list quest of Pet Return Scroll in WLO, which can help you all in building nice and strong pet stat. Pet scroll really useful to in building pet like Deadly Flower to reach level 199 with pure STR, INT or AGI maybe CON or WIS. (Good luck and thanks everyone, this info will be updated when got new quest for pet scroll) đŸ˜€


Pet Scroll Quest List WLO:


Holy Village

~ Hidden Chest behind Holy Village Cathedral Church WLO

~ Help Saar Researcher


China Fishing Village

~ Frog can speak



~ Hidden Chest Korea



~ Big Eye Monster


South Pole Penguin Village

~ Missing Sledge Wolf



~ Rescue Sailor Crew from Mayan Aboriginal


Chang’an Village

~ Gouzi Lost Buffalo

~ Cute Puppy on Roof



~ Premier Trados’s Evil Plot



~ Lost of Book Odyssey



~ Play games with Old Sea Turtle


Ghost Isle

~ Help Momotaro in battle with Demon


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