pokemon-logoLong ago pokemon start from their Anime and I love to watch Pikachu as the cute monster 😀 Pika-pika Pikachu… hahaha it very nice anime. Then in this year 2016, Pokemon arrive with a nice game app called Pokemon Go, which is can be download from Google Playstore. (Recommended)

Even though Pokemon Go app are very famous and being loves by all people, there is also some problem or controversy which saying these app are bring bad, harm or accident case to all kids. Aww pity them (hehe…) I don’t care all of that as long as I can play safely and not bring harm to others,then I will keep playing hahaha…

What I like about this Pokemon Go app is that, these game bring us walk walking in real world that got many monsters hoho.. then we will enjoy the adventure by catch monster , training and hatching it. Looks like we are inside the Wonderland that full of monster haha..

These game required us to turn on our location GPS in smartphone and connect to the internet. We will see a real road map inside the phone together with the monsters, training gym, pokestop and more. The map are same like our map in the real world. Hoho… like I said we are in the wonderland 😀

Since me just start playing it, I cannot say more yet 😀 because level are still low xD in other word still a noob…. Here some of my screenshot of the starting game bleeh… hahaha

Screenshot_pokemon Screenshot_pokemon-eevee Screenshot_pokemon-meowth Screenshot_pokemon-rattata

Pokemon Go is like walking into Wonderland
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