Target : Spring House in China (X: 1482, Y: 835)

Pre-quest: None

Game Plan: Walk inside the first house in China Fishing Village, here we can see Waiter and Mystic Old Man. If we like to buy food we can click on Waiter. Now get near the NPC Mystic Old Man and click on him. He will start open question and you need to answer correctly.


Here is the answer for the question:

How many zeros are there in a billion?


What color are the five Olympic Rings?

Red Black Blue Yellow Green

What vegetable is the Welsh National Emblem?


Which kind of animal has the most broad vision?


What is used for breathing by prawns?


What is the longest river in the world?



Reward: One star and Special Dumpling


  1. IF you not see this Mystic Old Man NPC means you already done this quest long time ago which you cannot remember haha…XD 😀
Question and Answer
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  • July 4, 2012 at 11:52 am

    Post Q&A event answers! 8D


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