WLO Alien pet wonderland online gamesLong long long… ago, in my previous post about baby dolls in Wonderland Online games machine, we can obtain many rare pets from it. One of them is Red Alien xD haha… some people call it ET 😀 lol This Red Alien look pretty weak, but I not sure if it strong when reach high level. Before that I got plan to train this Red Alien but.. seem how keep busy in real, followed by bad internet connection. The mood to train slowly disappear xD don’t worry I will train it slowly :3 maybe other friend can help me train it.

The Red Alien can be obtain if we grab small little Persian meow inside the game machine. Alien WLO got INT type skill called Rock Flump with cost of 26 sp. Here is the pic and the video of alien skill attack 😀


Red Alien pet in Wonderland Online Games
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