maid robot wlo discountShould I buy Maid Robot in Wonderland ? What maid robot can do for you ? Some players might say that it just a decoration item inside your tent   >_< hahaha… okie calm down everyone. We can get Maid Robot in furniture section from Item Mall. Of course from the beginning this maid robot function is so limit, it only helps you finish some task in inside tent. Example if you making item, you can let this robot to finish it for you, while you can go out from tent doing other activity. This type of Maid Robot is not yet complete. My advice is you need to upgrade Maid Robot to Wit Robot using Wisdom Crystal.

wisdom crystal wlo maid robot upgradeWisdom Crystal can be brought from Grocery section in Wonderland Item Mall. This crystal will help you upgrade your maid robot function. Now with upgrade maid, you can access your bank, item keeper and pet storage just inside your tent. Nah… only tent’s owner can access it 😀 not for others. You also can change your Maid Robot fashion by change their clothes.


Remember that Maid Robot same like player too which is, it only do task one by one inside the tent. Here is some tips for you, In order to make it keep continue doing job or task inside tent, you need to build Mill and Desktop Computer. Mill help you make item in stack, build in stack also increase time build. Desktop Computer is set task continuously and it only can be set for 5 different tasks.

aquilo wlo maid robot online wonderland game

Robot Maid in WLO | Cute maid robot in wonderland ^_^
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2 thoughts on “Robot Maid in WLO | Cute maid robot in wonderland ^_^

  • July 1, 2015 at 7:41 am

    If you dress it, are you able to remove its clothes and put different clothes on it so does the clothes disappear when changed, like Tent Palette used on tent then shape clay is used so Tent Palette’s colour disappears.

    • July 1, 2015 at 8:06 am

      Cannot remove clothes 😀 just change her clothes :$ robot maid will be shy if u remove hihihi


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