roca's father starTarget: Troll cave entrance (X: 1062, Y: 3775) North Island


The Initial Trial

–  Welling Village’s Leader Test | First Test

Reward: Add 2+ Roca Amity

Game Plan:

In this quest, you need Roca and Niss in your team. Walk from Welling village to enter the cave that guard by troll inside it. (on left not KaMa Cave) When you about to enter cave, story scene will begin here, Roca feel worry about her father and need to see him. You need to walk back to Kelan search for Roca’s father in house.

roca's father not at homeEnter the Kelan Village’s Leader house and search for Roca’s father. Then, you know it house guard in kelanmissing, go out from the house and click on the two guard standing outside the house. He will tell that Kelan Leader went to Welling Village to meet the leader there for some business. 😀 Now you need to return back to Welling Village. xD o.o surprise no guard outside leader house.


Inside Welling Village Leader’s House

scene father roca

Enter the Welling Village Leader’s House, the story scene will begin, Roca’s father die to protect you and Roca from Frederico because of using his special power. After that scene, all people are unconscious and lay down on floor like a death people. Click on Roca to wake up her. Roca feel so sad and run away from you hehehe… xD 😀


Frederico attack you and Roca

attack by fred


Roca’s Father die

all die roca's father dead


Roca’s Father Star is Sagittarius 

roca father die Sagitarius star appear


Now time to find Roca back 😀 To find her, start with a click on the guards again outside Welling Village leader’s house. They will mention that Roca run to Kelan. What are you waiting for 😀 ? Go find her at Kelan Village. xD

find roca at kelan

Roca’s father death quest | Death quest for Kelan Leader
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