Pre quest:

  1. Little life in Canyon
  2. Large eagle catch Shizune
  3. Calamity of the kitten (Shizune Join Team)

Condition: Sam and Shizune in team

Reward: 3 Stars and 10% Capsule EXP

Game Plan:

First part:

Fly to Bangkok, walk into the Thailand Jungle. Then, enter the next jungle on right. Refer the map below in case you lost in jungle XD πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› Here, there is a battle that SURE 100% you cannot win XD so don’t waste time to team up here hehehe… πŸ˜€ Click click then battle with Dober Army. The kitten will ask you to go Snow Island to save Shizune.





Second part:

Fly to Snow Island and enter the snow cave. This quest will be a long… walk, you might need mix noodle πŸ˜› because the monster are too annoying XD. Start walk inside cave until to Cave Floor 7, you can follow the map guide below. Finally, here is the last journey for Sam. He will die after battle done. His soul suck by Dober Army Leader. Poor Sam πŸ™



Battle not many spawn πŸ˜€ no worry πŸ˜› xD


Careful with Dober Army Kick Skill, got seal xD


Sam soul been been suck by Dober Army Leader πŸ™

You need total 7 Stars to revive Sam at Holy Village Church, Good Luck (^_^)v everyone.

Sam Death Quest Wonderland Online | Last Wish | Detail Sam WLO death quest
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