Target: Inside church in Holly Village

Pre-quest: None

Game Plan: Enter the church building and automatically the story will begin. The priest (Abba) hopes you can save them by telling the Cellar key at Holly Village leader house. Walk along southern bridge you can see village leader house (X: 922, Y: 1355). Go up second floor and click Holy Village leader to get key, but he still refuse to tell.. 😀 Do not worry when you about to walk out from house, the housekeeper will tell where the key is. After get key, return to church and walk into jail to save them.  Opps.. got two easy battle before and after save villager. Click Abba again and choose option “No, I must find some other villagers that have suffered”.

Reward: Two Stars and Jalor Design


  1. Must choose option “No”
  2. Enemy level is from 25 to 28 with normal HP.

The Abba wants you to go far away maybe that why he gave you Jalor Design haha.. 😀

Save the Villager Unbelievers | Jalor Design
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