sea lord battle for reward wonderland onlineThis quest is optional for players which mean you can choose to do it or just leave it because it won’t start until you disturb the big chest inside Sealord Warehouse 😀 xD. It is a hard quest in Wonderland but with some guide it might help you do it. In this battle, you can see three more monsters like Sealord that why you need to get ready with food like pizza and some friends to help you jump in battle.

Target: Big chest in Sealord Warehouse

Pre-quest: First part Sealord battle quest

Reward: 5% EXP Capsule, 5x Holy EXP Potion and Sea Crest (DEF: +30, Max HP: +160)

Game Plan:

Pre-quest must be done to enter Sealord Warehouse. Use the key to enter the door but if you not sure where are the place, you might refer the guide map below.

guide map sealord warehouse quest

Get ready with a nice sealer in team it very useful for this quest. Earth fairy skill can give your team a big help to complete this quest. Click on the giant chest to start the quest. First is kill the Shadow Lord Sea fire type because it not spawn any monster 😀 then kill fire sea horse to stop monster get any hot fire. You can refer the guide monster below, so you will understand which one to kill first based on your team performance. In my case, after kill fire monster, then I focus on back line monster until none spawn. Bring friend to jump if you not sure your team can win against Sealord team xD :D.

final battle sealord quest wonderland guide

strategy battle wlo sealord last part

Trace Sealord – Level 180+ (32k HP+)

Shadow Lord of Sea – Level 175+ (24k HP+)

Sea Horse – Level 145+ (11k HP+)

Titan Trace Sealord – Level 192+ (60k HP+)

Huge Violent shark – Level 160+ (25k HP+)


Sealord Battle Quest in Wonderland Online – Second Part

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