Space Capsule WLOLong ago I remember got one meow robot cartoon or anime from Japan called Doraemon 😀 hihihi… this small meow robot can talk and it got a small special pocket which contain many items from small to large size. Sound like a magic pocket :D…. Well in WLO, we don’t have special pocket but we do have this item called Space Capsule. Like I mention above, Space Capsule will give more space inside player inventory. How this process work? Easy…. example if you have a vehicle with the size of 5×5, by using Space Capsule it will help you to reduce the size to 1×1. 😀


How to get Space Capsule in WLO?

You can get space capsule from Item Mall 😀 purchase it when igg set it to discount price.

item mall wlo capsule space


How to use Space Capsule?

First you to double click Space Capsule item, drag any type of vehicle into the box. Then, click “Confirm” button.

how to use space capsule


Drag the vehicle into the space capsule bow

click confirm button to use space capsule


Now the Vehicle is inside the capsule 😀 ta…da….

UFO in Space Capsule WLO

*** Space capsule is only for one vehicle and any type of vehicle are allowed

** No redo process, after you click confirm button, you cannot take back the vehicle out from Space Capsule.

* Vehicle that already been put inside Space Capsule can be send to your friend by using Pet Express.

Space Capsule – Give more space for player inventory Wonderland Online
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