• Sam Death Quest Wonderland Online | Last Wish | Detail Sam WLO death quest

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    Pre quest:

    1. Little life in Canyon
    2. Large eagle catch Shizune
    3. Calamity of the kitten (Shizune Join Team)

    Condition: Sam and Shizune in team

    Reward: 3 Stars and 10% Capsule EXP

    Game Plan:

    First part:

    Fly to Bangkok, walk into the Thailand Jungle. Then, enter the next jungle on right. Refer the map below in case you lost in jungle XD 😀 😛 Here, there is a battle that Read more

    Preview Victoria Death Quest | Victoria Wonderland Online | Vicky WLO

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    China Fishing Village inn (X: 1422, Y: 875)


    1) Beautiful Cherry Blossoms,

    2) Repugnant,

    3) Hawthorn Candy Memories

    Reward:  10% EXP capsule, Star

    Game Plan: Walk in and out Fishing Village Inn (X: 1422, Y: 875), here the story scene will begin. In this quest we need the item, King Certification the proof to the overload Southeast of Asian bla..bla.. XD in case yours scroll gone, you can click again the NPC Chinese Guard. (X: 1202, Y: 1235). Next you need go travel to Read more

    Preview Death Quest for Sam

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    Large eagle catch Shizune

    Life of Small Canyon


    Game Plan: Bring Sam and Shizune, to Forest of Avignon and walk to Gorge Forest on the left. Follow the map below. Walk to the circle on map (X: 500, Y: 1760) here we need to help the baby attack by Dark Wolf. Done battle, Shizune and  Sam obtain 3+ amity.


    Read more