• Sealord Battle Quest in Wonderland Online – First Part

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    Wonderland Online SealordIf you reach level maybe like 130+ RB then you will questioning, where should I train my character or pet? Hmmm… I think the best place to go is Sealord Warehouse. In this place, you can train with Shark monster level 150+. It is not suitable for low level because shark bites are so strong 😀 and can cause character or pet keep dying.  Beware of shark hehehe….

    To enter this place, it required you to have a door key from Sealord, and it can be done by finishing the first part of the Sealord quest. How to begin this quest? Here I will share with you, how to do the a cheat xD 😀 no no no… it is not at cheat, it is just and info guide.  If you know how…the Sealord team strategy, then you can have the confident to finish this quest 😀

    Target: Relic Island

    Pre-quest: none

    Reward: Sealord’s key

    Game Plan: Fly to Relic Island which is near Cairo or Athens. In Water Passage, walk to Seabed Palace through the first Read more

    Optional method to get EXP up in WLO

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    Wonderland Online EXP UpIn Wonderland Online, we level up our character or pet by collecting many EXP through killing monster and bursting with assist skill. Bursting is the favorite method for every players because it easy and faster to level up. However, bursting only works until you reach level 180 😀 and it also not works after your character or pet go for rebirth process.

    Here is some other easy not cheat xD 😀 method which you can get 2% EXP free without killing monsters hehehe… all you need to do is build this kind of exercise machine inside your tent. It very useful for those player who already reach Read more