This is the first quest that needs us to battle with big monster. In this quest, we will get help by a nice girl name Roca. She is a great friend and can be a strong human pet. She has high strong physical attacks, which can help us explore this game smoothly. Her father is a Kelan Village leader the one that talk to you for this quest.

Start: Kelan Village’s Leader House

Pre-Quest: None

Game Plan: Speak with the village leader. He will send you to retrieve a scroll and will let his daughter, Roca, accompany you. After accept the mission, walk inside the Kelan Cave, which is behind the Roca house. Walk up to third floor cave, double click the scroll (X: 1202 Y: 1295) and you need to win battle against big monster chameleon. (Level 7 HP 70). Easy, monster very weak XD do not worry. 😀  After this, go back to Roca father house and give the scroll. Click Roca again, she will be spoke to her father and officially become your great friend and pet.

Reward: Weapon you can choose and Roca join you in team.


*Note: We can easy back to Kelan Leader house by using spawn point, click button system, choose spawn point, then go to Start Beach. We can easy walk from here.

The Initial Trial
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