Devil La Tim WLOTarget: Maka Mountain Stone Door (X: 3362, Y: 755)

Pre-quest: Roca’s father dead quest

Condition: Done pre-quest, Roca in team, have flying vehicle (airplane, hot air balloon or others)

Reward: La Tim’s Lease (ATK+50, MAXHP+350), Crystal Skull

Game Plan: After you done the pre-quest, then walk to South Island outside Maka Cave (X: 3102, Y: 455). You can refer the pic below for guide. Next, use any flying vehicle you have toward the cave on top of mountain. Click the door to enter (X: 3362, Y: 755). Finally, prepare yourself for battle with high class Devils La Tim, just walk straight inside the cave you can see La Tim, then click on it to begin.


South Island outside Maka Cave (X: 3102, Y: 455)

south island wonderland online

Cave on top of Maka Mountain

Door Cave Wonderland Online

La Tim inside the cave

Devil High Class La Tim

Battle with La Tim

Battle with La Tim

* La Tim’s Lease is an armlet, can be used in any human pet and it will add extra ATK+50, MAXHP+350 for your pet.

* Crystal Skull is a quest item used for other quest

The Other Side of the Cave | High Class Devils La Tim | Revenge for Roca’s Father
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