This is the first quest we all must do before continue playing this game. In this quest, we will get our own house or tent and Notepad.  Tent gives us privacy room, to stay rest not attack by monster, manufacturing or opening big shop. Starter new tent are empty, we only have two items, which is work platform and resource recycling.

Target: Astrologian House at Kelan Village

Pre-quest: None

Game Plan: Walk to Kelan Village and click Mary Lou near gate to talk with her. Next, she will ask us to visit the Astrologian home and speak with her.

Reward: Notepad and Tent

Notepad is a Log Book for List of Quest for player reference. In order use tent, click Item Button on the bottom game screen; double click your tent to open.  Close tent is easy, walk outside tent do right-click your tent. We also can close tent by double right-click from item.

Unknown Fate
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