Pre Quest:

  1. Beautiful Cherry Blossoms
  2. Repugnant
  3. Hawthorn Candy Memories

Condition: Victoria in team, done all pre-quest and must have King Certification

Reward: 3 Stars and 10% Capsule EXP

Game Plan:

First Part (Conversation between Charles and pirate)

In this quest we need the item called King Certification the proof to the overload Southeast of Asian bla..bla.. XD in case yours scroll gone, you can click again the NPC Chinese Guard (X: 1202, Y: 1235) in China Fishing Village.

Walk in Fishing Village Inn (X: 1422, Y: 875), here the story scene will begin. Next, you need go travel to Centaur Island (X: 3522, Y: 6175).


Second Part (Fly to Centaur Island)

Refer map above if you not sure where to fly xD don’t waste fuel 😛


When you reach Centaur island, enter the house on left, the one been circle on map. Click the pirate you saw in that house, then easy battle with 4 pirates will begin XD. The pirate here NOT so strong xD no spawn and HP low.After done battle, click on the door and enter the underground path.  Refer the map below and walk until end.

Finally, you will be battle with Beastly Charles (look like lion xD) and Fenaral Pirate (look like bodybuilder tiger). In this battle you need speed 500+ maybe bring some character with knight JS. Prepare 8 Stars to revive Victoria aka Vicky xD 😀 .


Here is some video you can watch about this battle of Victoria death quest

Victoria Death Quest Wonderland Online | Revenge of Charles | Zhaduo La’s Revenge WLO
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