How rb vicky look likeIn the new patch of Version 6.0 special edition in Wonderland Online, they add 2 new pet that can be rebirth which is Victoria (Vicky) or Sam. If you planning to rebirth one of them, you need to do some list quest from the beginning until the end of the quest which commonly known as Death Quest in WLO. Here is my pet Victoria which that rebirth on yesterday, I am delay her rebirth due to the pet stat which is not nice. Lucky I get many pet return scrolls from Pumpkin Seed 2012 and Thanks Giving event to fix my Victoria pet.Β  How to rebirth pet in Wonderland Online? Easy, after you done the pet death quest, you will need to revive them at Holy Village church, click on Abba then pay some amount of stars based on which pet to revive. Then, go to first cave on the jungle behind Hanging Garden. You must put which pet to rebirth on battle and meet the priest there. Click on β€œRandom” button until you get nice pet stat. I take time, to click, click and click so be patient. πŸ˜€


Here my sexy Vicky at the moment still under training.

Β Victoria skill and stat after rebirth

How to make pet stat look nice before rebirth? Each player has different opinion about how to build pet in the game. In my opinion, levelling your pet until 100, before you rebirth them use pet scroll to wash or adjust their stat, especially WIS stat. Example like my Victoria, I move all her WIS to STR until cannot move it anymore. Why? WIS increase SP, don’t need too many WIS because during rebirth pet, we get another point for pet WIS so you can move it to STR or INT to increase damage. Need to remember here, if your pet STR type move all point from INT to STR, and choose random stats that give you small amount of INT.

Here the Random Stat i choose during Rebirth Victoria

victoria nice stat during rb

Do you need to move AGI point? Depend on you, if you want to make your pet fast, then no need to move AGI, but you if plan to make you pet tough stay longer in battle, you can move point to CON so can have high HP. Like me, I let Victoria have some AGI point because I want her to be fast and can combo with my team during training.

altar to rb pet wlo

If you have question, more about the pet how to build it or you have some idea like to share with me πŸ˜€ just drop a comment here, you can use your Facebook to drop comment too.

Victoria Rebirth Wonderland Online | Vicky RB WLO | How to make Pet become Strong?

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