Lucky this time I have an opportunity to join water element fight, I bring my water character to join the event. From the official site, we can read here the location event, reward, some important rule, and the event time 9:30pm – 10:15pm, May 10 EDT (GMT-4) – For Server Sagitta 1.

Welling Village, Branch 1 on each server

For winner: 100,000 Gold + 2X EXP Card*10
The other participants will each get 50,000 Gold + 2X EXP Card*3

Event Rules:
1. When the event begins, please go to Welling Village and register on Local Channel.
2. The registration time will last 10 minutes. The 16 players that sign up the quickest in the local channel will immediately qualify for the event.
3. Only the Water elemental players are allowed to join the PvP.
4. GM will arrange the PvP schedule and then announce event begins.
5. Participants can use any skill. Pet is also allowed to join in the combat. You can also use HP/SP related items in battle. But you can use only 3 times.
6. Please close the join combat functions. If someone leaves the team during the fight and someone else joins in their place, then the team will be disqualified!
7. Any illegal, immoral or unacceptable actions will be punished.

From what I read, the rule no. 6 show that, it is a team PK not a single. Then me and guild member create a water team to participate in event. GM-Lala coming so late for the event, we need to wait like 20 minute. Some of player look like angry and mad do not like to wait so long. After GM come, she said it is a single battle no team. Haha XD so all players including me register like crazy in local channel well cannot help much it turn like spamming, lucky me not battle with my own guild member.

Here is some of the picture I manage to capture during the event battle.

Last round is nice battle, because of one register player do not have opponent, so all decide he go battle with GM-Lala, even she is wind element character. 😀

Water Fight Event
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