Target: Guard and Villager (X: 782, Y: 1235) 

Pre-quest: None

Reward:  2.5x Holy EXP Potion and Star

Game Plan: Before start this quest it is better to save point in Bangkok because this quest required many walking part xD. Click on the guard under coconut tree, the conversation between guard and villager begin. Then you walk to wish forest to see this monster. Where is the Wish Forest in Bangkok Wonderland Online? Hehe.. you can refer guide map below.

In wish forest, you can see the monster name Mao. He so worry about Xao Mo, then you help him to find her. Now walk back to Bangkok, (That why I said you need to save xD at Bangkok) so spawn back to Bangkok inn. Now find Xao Mo at the second house on the left. (X: 2042, Y: 595)


Xao Mo mom said her daughter have weird illness that cannot be cure by anyone. Here you need to tell monster Mao about Xao Mo condition. Walk back again to Wish Forest to meet Mao. When you reach the forest, you see many guards try to attack Mao. Click on them to start battle. This battle easy, only one spawn and their level are not too high.



After win battle, you explain to Mao about Xao Mo condition. He will give a special gem (Damao’s Gem) and ask you to give Xao Mo. Again hehehe… walk back to Bangkok… (You can spawn if already save point) walk again to Xao Mo house and give the gem.


Wish Forest Bangkok monster Mao | Lonely monster Mao miss Xao Mo so much
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