Play online game MMO we need a character for us like avatar to put you inside the game. Wonderland Online (WLO) provides as many type of character. We can choose for character one or two. How it look, handsome or cute, sexy or scary, small or tall? XD you can choose what you like it.

Here is the list of character in WLO:


Original Stat: STR+2, CON+1
Original Equipment: Jeans (Defence+1), Leisure Shoes (Defence+1)
Special Skill: 3x Combo Attack, beats a target three times with this skill.



Original Stat: INT+3
Original Equipment: Uniform (Defence+1), Student’s Shoes (Defence+1)
Special Skill: Slap, Slaps the target continuously.





Original Stat: STR+1, CON+2
Original Equipment: Sailor’s Suit (Defence+1), White Boots (Defence+1)
Special Skill: Bomber Attack, defeat targets using a bomber.






Original Stat: STR+1, CON+2
Original Equipment: Dust Coat (Defence+1), Gentleman’s Shoes (Defence+1)
Special Skill: Overarm Stumble. Beats the target heavily.






Original Stat: INT+1, AGI+2
Original Equipment: Harness pants (Defence+1), Pink Shoes (Defence+1)
Special Skill: Leap, She leaps up and over to get behind the target. This usually brings about a quick defeat.






Original Stat: INT+2, AGI+1
Original Equipment: Boy’s Suit (Defence+1), Children’s Shoes (Defence+1)
Special Skill: Dog swarm, he can order a swarm of dog to attack the target.




Original Stat: INT+1, WIS+1, AGI+1
Original Equipment: Star Headdress (Defence+1), Moppet’s Shoes (Defence+1), Small Dress (Defence+1)
Special Skill: Love Wish, makes the target faint with the power of love.






Original Stat: INT+2, AGI+1
Original Equipment: Nurse’s Hat (Defence+1), White Leather Shoes (Defence+1), Nurse’s Clothes (Defence+1), Syringe (Defence+1, Attack+1)
Special Skill: Double Cure, to cure fellows.





Original Stat: STR+2, AGI+1
Original Equipment: Competition Gloves (Defence+1), Racing Suit (Defence+1), Racing Shoes (Defence+1)
Special Skill: Gallop, she defeats targets using a special car.






Original Stat: INT+1, WIS+2
Original Equipment: Flower Headdress (Defence+1), Violinist’s Suit (Defence+1), High-heeled Shoes (Defence+1), Violin (Defence+1, Attack+1)
Special Skill: Incarnate Note, to defeat the target with an incarnate note.





Original Stat: WIS+2, AGI+1
Original Equipment: Bartender’s Uniform (Defence+1), Great Pumps (Defence+1)
Special Skill: Wine Flame, uses a flaming wine to defeat the target.





Konno Tsuruko

Original Stat: INT+2, WIS+1
Original Equipment: Kimono (Defence+1), Wooden Shoes (Defence+1)
Special Skill: Fire Dance, to defeat the target by using magic fire whilst dancing.




Karin Liebtrud

Original Stat: INT+1, WIS+1, AGI+1
Original Equipment: Band (Defence+1), Uniform (Defence+1), Leather Shoes (Defence+1)
Special Skill: Butler’s Guard






Kurogane Juzo

Original Stat: STR+1, CON+1, INT+1
Original Equipment: Headscarf (Defence+1), Craftsman’s Clothes (Defence+1), Craftsman Shoes (Defence+1)
Special Skill: Hammer Soul





Original Stat: *Based on other chracter we choose*
Original Equipment: Round Headdress (Defence+1), Restaurant Uniform (Defence+1), Canvas (Speed+1), Plate (Defence+1, Attack+1)
Special Skill: Hammer Soul

Wonderland Online Character
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6 thoughts on “Wonderland Online Character

  • June 29, 2012 at 12:49 am

    I used konno and she is pretty!

  • August 1, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    i love those girls chars. Everyone have their own good point ^^

  • August 18, 2012 at 5:32 am

    Wah i don’t know wonderland online got many character, yery good ideas to keep the writing moving along.


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