We got 5 more days… to arrange all our items and characters

Merge Server in WLO going to be a big maintenance in WLO hope everything is fine no item lost. There is some of my low level character that i going to be level up soon because this merge serve will deleted it. Need to get ready my burst team fire haha…

Get ready on 9pm September 10 (GMT-5)

Server merges:
1: Taurus: consists of the original Taurus, Leo, Libra ,Scorpio and Pisces merged into one.
2. Cancer: consists of the original Gemini,Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius and Cap&Aqu merged into one.
A total of 10 servers will be merged into 2.

1. Characters:
After the merge, if a player account has characters on more than one server, the character with the highest level will be retained, and the rest will be deleted.


The char below lv 36 may be deleted.

2. Items:
After the merge, all the pets, items and gold coins stored in the Capitol by the retained character will be kept.
IV. Identical Character Names:
After the merge, if two players have the same character names, the older character will keep the original name, and the other character will have a “2” added to the back of the name.


Don’t join any event or purchase any item at the website during the maintenance.

For more detail please read the IGG WLO website at



Wonderland Online Server going to merge WLO
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