Water play Roca XaolanTarget: Waterfall in front of Holy Village gate  (X: 2282, Y: 4135)

Condition: Roca and Xaolan amity are 63+

Reward: None

Game Plan: Remember the pre-quest when you getting GS (Goddess Skill), we need to walk into the waterfall and click the statue fairy. The fairy explains to us about saving the world from darkness and also mention about those who mark by star can help us in our mission. If your pet Roca and Xaolan amity is 63+ above, you can see this story 😀 🙂 Roca and Xaolan have fun and enjoy play water together.  Just walk into the waterfall, Roca and Xoalan will leave your team. When you come out again, you can see they are both in water, click on them.


Star mark for Roca and Xoalan

star roca xaolan



Roca and Xaolan play water

Roca Xaolan enjoy fun play water

Xaolan play water with Roca | Saviour mark by Star | Roca and Xaolan tattoo
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